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February 11, 2010

I came here intending to rant about how life in a rural Midwest town is ruining me, but, you know what, no. I’m tired of this whiny shit. To sum up that possible post: “Midwest life is limiting my growth! I want a (blank)friend–this is important. None of this is important. I should stop whining. [3 more paragraphs of whining]” Okay, I might be being too hard on myself. I’ve worried about being whiny with every post, so they might actually be whine-free. Shouldn’t I know that? Whatever.

So, other things. Since I started this blog I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I should do something better with it, not specifically it but this whole blogging thing, and since I like to think I could be a writer there’s been a storyline developing in my head–well, a situation for this dude to be in, at least. I’m not gonna start it if I can’t come up with more, but I’m not sure what would work, though I do want to do it. I want to re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or read Neverwhere, which has needed to get read since Christmas, in the hopes of getting inspired. Also because I want to read them, and want to skip out on my self-assignment of reading The Greatest Show on Earth for a while, since it’ll be a long while before it’s done–the only chances I have to read are 10 minutes in English when I’ve finished our assigned part of ‘Salem’s Lot. And at home, but home isn’t nearly a private enough place for some good reading. School only is because I’ve become adept at ignoring the people there.

I said everything I meant to say at some point in that jumble, so I’m going to bed. Be back later.



February 1, 2010

I came here and started to make a nice meaty blog post, but I just looked at my bed and holy shit does it look sad. It needs a nice big several hour-long hug. So, blog post later. It might not happen tomorrow later today, since there’s school, which could drain the enthusiasm out of me. But I do still exist, despite not having yet posted this decade. Some sort of something will probably come in the future, is my point. Also, it will be made with an effort to be slightly more light-hearted than earlier posts. Current possible topics include “Why are girl avatars in World of Warcraft more fun to me (probably not the obvious reason)?” or “Why the fuck is everyone on Xbox Live so goddamn terrible at Left 4 Dead 2, Jesus Fucking Christ”. I don’t know, I’ll think about it. Hopefully something will happen at school to talk about. We’ll see.

Go into the light, until we meet again. Salame!