Blog post.

I came here intending to rant about how life in a rural Midwest town is ruining me, but, you know what, no. I’m tired of this whiny shit. To sum up that possible post: “Midwest life is limiting my growth! I want a (blank)friend–this is important. None of this is important. I should stop whining. [3 more paragraphs of whining]” Okay, I might be being too hard on myself. I’ve worried about being whiny with every post, so they might actually be whine-free. Shouldn’t I know that? Whatever.

So, other things. Since I started this blog I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I should do something better with it, not specifically it but this whole blogging thing, and since I like to think I could be a writer there’s been a storyline developing in my head–well, a situation for this dude to be in, at least. I’m not gonna start it if I can’t come up with more, but I’m not sure what would work, though I do want to do it. I want to re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or read Neverwhere, which has needed to get read since Christmas, in the hopes of getting inspired. Also because I want to read them, and want to skip out on my self-assignment of reading The Greatest Show on Earth for a while, since it’ll be a long while before it’s done–the only chances I have to read are 10 minutes in English when I’ve finished our assigned part of ‘Salem’s Lot. And at home, but home isn’t nearly a private enough place for some good reading. School only is because I’ve become adept at ignoring the people there.

I said everything I meant to say at some point in that jumble, so I’m going to bed. Be back later.


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